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Complaints and Claims

NaturaCert, As a certification body accredited under the principles of the ISO/IEC 17065 Standard and aware that the suggestions, complaints/claims and appeals our clients can present and that doing a good job for them are excellent opportunities for improvement for our system, we have implemented a procedure to that they can access and thus be able to treat them conscientiously.

The format by which you can inform us about your suggestions, complaints/claims and appeals is PS-10, which can be downloaded:


Suggestions, Complaints, Claims and Appeals

Download Excel

A suggestion, complaint or claim may also be made by telephone when there are technological limitations that prevent the completion of the PS-10 Report of Suggestions, Complaints/Claims format.

An official will fill out this document with the information provided by the client and stating in the signature field that this information was received by telephone, indicating the time and the name of the person who answered the call.

A NaturaCert official or a third party may fill out the form on behalf of the person who wants to send the suggestion, complaint or claim; In this case, the following data must be written in the signature field: name of the third party, identification number and contact telephone number, clarifying that the form was filled out on behalf of the interested party.

If you have questions about the Suggestions, Complaints, Claims and Appeals registration process, write to us for advice:



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