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The GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) standard updated from IFA version 5.3-GFSI to IFA version 5.4-1-GFSI to integrate the necessary requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarking.

The new version of IFA is intended for producers who supply products to customers who require compliance with a standard recognized by GFSI, being applicable only in the field of aquaculture and the sub-field of fruits and vegetables.

The new version will be mandatory from January 22, 2022.

  1. Documents to keep in mind:

Timeline of GFSI Recognition for IFA Versions
• Base module for all types of farms – base module for crops – Fruits and Vegetables v5.4-1-GFS
General Rules – Crop Rules (v5.4-1 GFS)
General Regulations Part I – General Requirements (v5.4-1-GFS)
General Regulations Part II – Quality Management System Rules (v5.4-1-GFS)
General Regulations Part III – Rules for Accreditation and OC (v5.4-1-GFS)
Summary of changes from IFA V5.3-GFS to V5.4-GFS (General Regulations parts I, II and III)
Summary of changes from IFA v5.3-GFS to V5.4-GFS (PCCC for PV)

  1. General requirements for the transition to the IFA v5.4-1-GFSI standard:

• Audits carried out after January 22, 2022 that require approval by GFSI must be evaluated under version 5.4 -1 GFSI applicable to all types of inspection (extensions / follow-up)
• The audits carried out under version 5.4 -1 GFSI may be carried out in two off-site modules and another on-site, the conditions of use of the technology and other requirements cited in the General Regulations part III numerals 5.2 and 5.3 must be considered without exceeding 90 days between each module, FULLY REMOTE AUDITING WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE for version 5.4-1 GSI.
• Certificate holders that are under version 5.3 GFSI may request an extension of up to 6 months if required, taking into account the conditions cited in the General Regulations of version 5.2.
• IFA v5.2 will remain valid (but no longer recognized by GFSI) until IFA v6 is released in 2022.

We also attach a document citing the main changes at the level of the general regulation for the versions of the IFA scope and some changes of the Chain of Custody scope. To view it, click on: Communication to Certificate Holders- Updates 2022

If concerns arise, do not hesitate to write to us.

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