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On Wednesday, June 1st, the Colombian Congress approved the legislative unanimity of the bill that seeks to regulate from the year 2025 the gradual reduction and eventual prohibition of certain single-use (disposable) plastic components.

Bills 213 of 2021 and 10 of 2020, accumulated in bill 274 of 2020, seek to “prohibit the manufacture, import, export, marketing and distribution of single-use plastics in the national territory and dictate other provisions that allow their substitution and closure of cycles”, In this way, “measures are established aimed at the gradual reduction of the production and consumption of certain single-use plastic products and other provisions are dictated”. Thus expresses the project of Juan Carlos Losada, author of the bill.

The approved bill aims to ban single-use items with a long degradation time, such as blenders or straws for drinks, bags for packaging newspapers, magazines and bills, as well as food containers or tablecloths, which will be prohibited from 2025; It also includes those plastics that are used, for example, to wrap or separate food for immediate consumption or that used in the construction sector to protect windows, doors, tiles and other equipment.

A very relevant point, according to the project, is the one that indicates that airlines will not be able to bring single-use plastic into the Colombian Amazon and Orinoco, as well as into all natural national parks, moors, wetlands and marine ecosystems.

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