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During the month of June, John Boyacá, our Rainforest Alliance Certification Manager, traveled to Guatemala to meet with personnel from the INTER-AMERICAN TROPICAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION (FIIT), who are our allied organization in that country for the Rainforest Alliance scheme.

A shadow audit was carried out on said body by NaturaCert to verify how each of its processes is being carried out and fine-tune work ties. The previous audit consisted of two parts, an office review, that is, of the documentation and data collection processes, and an evaluation of the FIIT audit team to guarantee the quality of its work, unify evaluation criteria, establish learning from an organization to another, getting to know the staff, among other activities that allow us to maintain and increase the quality and transparency of each of our verification and certification processes.

For NaturaCert, analyzing the traceability of these processes is essential to guarantee compliance with the scheme and validate the organization’s procedures to meet the requirements of the interested parties.

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