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During the past August 3 to 5, our Executive Director Sandra Restrepo and our Head of Business and Development Diego Bernal, went to the city of Apartadó, located in Urabá Antioquia, where they carried out meeting and rapprochement exercises with various organizations in the sector to listen to their perspectives and work challenges with the certification standards that NaturaCert operates, as well as the management and operation of our organization.

Among the most important challenges faced during these days were:

• The different issues addressed by the new version of the Rainforest Alliance standard.

• The training needs of organizations in the standards of the Rainforest Alliance V2020 and GLOBALG.A.P. 6.0, soon to be released.

• Challenges for organizations when submitting to the first transition audit to the new RA 2020 standard.

• Management of suppliers and some active ingredients related to the Rainforest Alliance standard.

Likewise, they recognized the work that NaturaCert provides in customer support and service, the competitive prices and the technical support they receive by maintaining audit processes with us.

For NaturaCert, carrying out these actions allows guiding and accompanying the different organizations in the beginning and development of their certification and verification processes, allowing them to guide and further refine the trust between both parties.

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