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In the month of June, our GLOBALG.A.P. Camila Rincón traveled to Peru to meet with our international ally FSQ Global, where audits were carried out on three avocado farms in the district of ICA Peru, under the scope of IFA, FSMA, GROW, SPRING and NURTURE.

During the development of this activity, auditors from this country accompanied us as observers, in order to strengthen their knowledge and polish those necessary skills to be part of our team. Subsequently, a Shadow audit was carried out on a Peruvian auditor so that he could acquire the status of chain of custody auditor in a Granada grape and avocado packing plant.

In the following days, shadow audits were carried out on two IFA processes – GRASS and FSMA in blueberry and mandarin crops, located in the district of Huaral in Peru, where a performance evaluation was carried out on a Peruvian auditor registered with us in order to Approve the audit team that is currently operating in this country, standardizing criteria in order to maintain the quality of our processes at an international level.

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