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Requirement 7.8 of the Florverde Standard for the sustainable production of flowers and ornamentals, version 7.1.2 July 2021, requires the non-use of prohibited pesticides in production units, which correspond to the list of pesticides prohibited by the environmental authorities or phytosanitary companies from the United States, the European Union, Colombia and those known as “the dirty dozen” of the organization Pesticide Action Network (PAN). The list of pesticides prohibited by FSF is made public through the Florverde website, at the following link (Bottom): https://florverde.org/fsf-standard/
The Banned Pesticide List dated January 7, 2022 update replaces the August 14, 2018 Banned Pesticide List, effective February 14, 2022. Both FSF Banned Pesticide Lists will be available at the same time during the transition period, from the date and until February 14, 2022.
By clicking here the list of pesticides prohibited by Florverde with update date of January 7, 2022 and effective as of February 14, 2022

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