NaturaCert provides certification/verification services to any company and/or agricultural producers requiring supervision from an inspection body, regardless of its trade potential, and guaranteeing impartiality, confidentiality and a lack of any type of discrimination or conflict of interest.

In providing the certification/verification services, NaturaCert assumes responsibly over any decision regarding the granting, maintenance, extension, suspension or cancellation of the certification/verification.

The criteria employed to evaluate and make decisions regarding the certification/verification process, are contained in the different policies, regulations, standards or guidelines under which the service is provided by NaturaCert.

NaturaCert may reject any request when the person or organization requesting the service is associated with criminal accusations or allegations such as processes of displacement or enforced disappearance, torture, illegal enrichment, manufacturing and trafficking of firearms or ammunition, environmental destruction, exploitation and illegal occupation of natural resources, parks and forestry reserves, money laundering, kidnapping, human trafficking, misappropriation, invasion of land or areas of ecological significance, drug trafficking, genocide or acts of barbarism. Other actions that impede the delivery of the service are crops out of the standard scope, locations outside Naturacert’s geographic scope or security issues in the area.