NaturaCert promotes certification and verification mechanisms for the promotion of sustainable development and the conservation of biodiversity. This exercise has mostly been carried out within the framework of the “Rainforest Alliance Certified” certification but has already been extended to Florverde Sustainable Flowers FSF, Marviva, GlobalG.A.P., and FAIRMINED, and verifications such as GRASP, FSMA, SPRING Nespresso, C.A.F.E. Practices, UEBT, among others, which seek productive, social and environmental improvement in agricultural production.

The main objectives of NaturaCert are:

1. Capture the target market for certification services.

2. Ensure optimal administrative support for the development of certification activities.

3. Provide an adequate offer of certification services to the needs of the markets of interest to the Organization.

To achieve these objectives, NaturaCert has proposed to develop the following activities:

  • Identify the real and potential markets for certification services.
  • Fulfill the goals of certification, audits, verifications, and defined training in the cooperation projects and in NaturaCert.
  • Strengthen the mechanisms of information and promotion of the seal with current and potential clients.
  • Implement appropriate technological tools for certification management.
  • Strengthen customer service.
  • Strengthen and implement support mechanisms for certification management.
  • Consolidate the appropriate team for the fulfillment of audit requests.
  • Maintain active participation in the standardization processes.
  • To have the capacity to respond to the changes generated in the market regarding certifications, seals, and environmental verifications.