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During the year 2020, the Rainforest Alliance announced the new 2020 certification program. For this, certain important dates for the application of its certification standard both in farms and in the chain of custody in the first half of 2021. If your production system currently forms Part of the Rainforest Alliance or UTZ certification programs, you must comply with the transition processes for the audits that will be carried out in the second semester 2021 and first semester 2022, additionally, you must register in the new Rainforest Alliance online platform. This will allow you to transition between platforms and become certified under the new regulations.
Next, we invite you to find out if your farm, group and / or company in the chain of custody will be impacted by the new regulations and what you must do to be up to date with these new regulations.

Steps and dates:

• February: As of February 1, 2021, certificate holders will be able to start registering on the new platform.
• February: They can only be applied to new certifications in chain of custody until February 15, 20201. For this, you must have the CRA in advance before the Rainforest Alliance Marketplace and your application before the OC.
• March: Current holders of chain of custody or supply chain certificates and actors in the supply chain can start their registration process as of March 15, 2021.
• March: Until March 31, 2021, new Rainforest Alliance certifications for farms and groups can be applied.
• April: Beginning April 12, 2021, retailers who have not previously registered with the Rainforest Alliance certification system can begin the registration process.

Note: Regardless of the group to which your farm or organization belongs, the Rainforest Alliance will send you the invitation to register on its new platform through an email that will include the link to start your registration process. In case you do not receive or have any questions or need technical support. You can write to customersuccess@ra.org where you will receive specialized guidance from the RA team.

If you or your organization is currently a certificate holder, we urge you to complete the registration to transition before the end of 2021. Any registration after 2021 will be considered as a new entry to the program and therefore could affect binding to volumes they still have on the current system.
It is important to remember that the new version of Rainforest Alliance 2020 begins to apply as of July 1, 2021, from this moment on, transition audit processes will be executed. With this audit, a certificate will be generated that will be valid for one year (transition year second semester 2021 first semester 2022), completed this year, the certificates will be issued for the normal cycle of three years.

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